Will the drinking water have plastic smell if I transfer it with the Yellow Elas Hose?

We offer Elas Hoses of 5/8”, 3/4”, and 1” in diameter for gardening purposes. For drinking water, we suggest using our NSF Drinking Hose, or our new product, 3A Elas Hose of 5/8” in diameter.
Note: PVC is a widely used plastic material, so we recommend our customers to choose our products based on the intent of usage. The plastic smell in water may be the result of water residual in the hose which can cause bacterial growth, and the level of plastic smell varies depending on each individual.

For Garden Hose, what is the appropriate method for storage?

For storage, we recommend draining as much water as possible before rolling up the hose and store it at a location with minimal sunlight exposure. We also recommend using a garden reel.

What do I do if my faucet hose adapter have a leakage?

This means there is air between the faucet and the adapter. We recommend checking the adaptor for damage, and check for any needs for reassembling or replacement.

My garden and family hoses are about 15m long, and they tangle and kink easily, which makes them difficult to be reeled and stored.

We offer a selection of kink resistance (“No Kinking”) hose, such as Knit Hose, BenG Hose, and Tundra Hose.
For more information, please contact our sales department(

Can soft PVC tube be used with hot water? What are some cautions when using soft PVC tubes?

PVC is suitable to be used between -10°C~60°C (14°F~140°F). High temperature application is not advised. Avoid contact with fire, organic solvent, or oil to prevent distortion or damage.

Whenever I connect the Elas Hose directly to the faucet, water will leak if I don't secure it with my hand. What can I do to solve this problem?

This situation happens because of water pressure. We suggest turning the water off before letting go of your hand. We also recommend using our faucet to hose adapter.

There are water leakage when I connect the hose to a nozzle.

To switch the spray pattern when the nozzle is in use, make sure to use the rear-triggered shut-off function to stop water flow beforehand. It should be noted that the real-triggered shut-off function does not stop water flow from the faucet, and will damage the hose due to pressure buildup if left alone extensively. We suggest turning off the faucet after usage, and drain any residual water left in the hose, especially for hoses that are used indoors.

For water fetching via pressurized motor, what is the suitable hose?

For this application, we suggest our Net (Reinforced) Hose. We also offer customization for our customer’s needs. For more details, please contact our sales department.

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