PVC Compound

What is NonP®?

NonP®, an abbreviation of Non-Phthalate, is one of the registered PVC compound of Jieh-Ming Plastics Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Research shows that frequent exposure to phthalate or contact of phthalate utensils may lead to reduced sperm mobility and male fertility. Therefore, in Taiwan as well as in various countries around the world, phthalate contents in products are limited and regulated by law.

NonP® PVC pellets manufactured by Jieh-Ming has passed ISO 10993, a biocompatibility testing. The company is also a qualified Hexamo∥® DINCH® Trusted Partner of BASF, a trusted German chemical manufacturing company.

NonP® is suitable for a variety of disposable medical devices, rigid and soft toys, protection gear for children, drinking devices and food-grade containers.

The plasticizer is instead of food cloudy agents was mistake added into drinking in 2010. Does PVC use this kind of chemical material? Is this poison?

One of the materials of PVC named DEHP / DINP etc. is a type of plasticizer , which is useful for extrusion or injection purposes that determines hardness and softness. The main function is for transportating water and other materials, and should not be put into food or drinking related products.

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