Charity Events

Charity Events

Our Policies and Objectives

Community Service/Continuity.

Our Actions

  1. Participate in charity events and fundraisers.
  2. Host multiple cross-industry exchange events.
  3. Clean the streets and other community services.

Effectiveness of the Implementation

Actively participate in Rotary Club sponsored charity events.

We’ve also continuously put efforts in donating to different art and culture charities as well as local government sponsored events and environmental protection events.

Every year, Jieh-Ming continuously maintain our commitment to give back to the society.

  • We’ve built a small recycled clothes shack in order to donate clothes to foster homes or disaster-hit areas.
  • We’ve also participated in book giving events that give out books to children that are in need or are rare disease patients.
  • We’ve worked with other organizations to provide unused supplies and household materials to special-ed centers.
  • Attend fundraising events for major natural disasters like 9/21 Earthquake in Taiwan, the Earthquake in Szechuan, and the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake in Japan.

Rotary Club Exchange Events

  • Throughout 2012-2013, we’ve participated in several exchange events with different regional Rotary Clubs to exchange and share ideas/views in each respective profession in order to empower our employees. In addition, through these events it also helped the employees understand the meaning of being a Rotarian and the importance of giving back to the society.