Environmental Management System ISO 14001

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

Our Policies and Objectives

Continuously improve pre-existing pollution. Effectively prevent potential pollution.

Our Actions

  1. Hold quarterly meetings to keep track of the progress for our environmental management objectives for 2015-17.
  2. Control and monitor to make sure the objectives are being implemented properly.

Effectiveness of the Implementation

We received our first ISO-14001 certification on June 15th, 1998.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System – Jieh-Ming had obtained the certification for ISO 14001 back in 1998 and our environmental management policy is “Continuously improve pre-existing pollution. Effectively prevent potential pollution.”. As of today, Jieh-Ming has already renewed the certification 5 times. We believe that it is important for us to put effort into environmental protection because there’s only one earth, and we have a responsibility to maintain a clean environment for the future generations to come. Every year, we make efforts to abide by the environmental regulations and laws. In addition, we also try to keep up with the global trend for environmental conservation & protection.