Fuel Hose

Industry Hose Series
★Meet RoHS standard   ★Meet PAHs standard   ★Bursting pressure up to 1200PSI

Fuel Hose

Industrial-grade tubing; lightweight, flexible, and not easily-kinked.
Working Temperature: -40℃ to 65℃
Max. Working Pressure: 12.5 bar(181 PSI)

Size Length
5/32″ 100m
3/16″ 100m
1/4″ 100m
5/16″ 100m
3/8″ 100m
1/2″ 100m



Transport of Fuel and lubrication.
Transport of water, oil, powder, and chemicals.
Other industrial, gardening, boating, and household applications.
Resistant to oil, solvent, fuel, diesel and ozone; Resistant to heat, degradation, expansion, and hardening; Nonconductive.
Fuel Hose is suitable for transporting acidic and alkaline solvents, hydraulic liquid, fuel, and lubricants under pressurized condition.